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Helping to reduce festival camping waste with Love Your Tent at the Isle of Wight Festival!

Updated: Apr 27

With so many unsettling events happening in the world and climate change hitting the headlines almost daily, we’re very happy to be working with Love Your Tent, an international campaign focussed on reducing camping waste at festivals, to do our bit to look after this beautiful planet that we all inhabit.


Love Your Tent have been working for nearly 15 years with promoters across the globe to remind festival attendees that their little bit of rubbish does matter and have seen a significant rise in awareness about the number of tents left behind and what happens to them afterwards, which is all too often dumped into landfill.

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A couple of years ago, we were asked to provide music for their yearly film which premieres at the fantastic Isle of Wight Festival and includes messages from some of the many artists who support them. Two of our favourite writers composed music which LYT loved and this year will again be working together on another film.


So if you’re camping at a festival this year, keep an eye out for their messaging and an ear open for the music from HPM and above all, remember to Love Your Tent and take it home!

Happy camping from the HPM family. 🏕


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