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"How we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and support for Producers?"

With so many faceless brands and corporations in the world, HPM was set up to be different. In this blog we introduce the directors whose collective experience, drives the ethos of inclusivity, fairness and respect that runs through the company.

With over four decades of experience in the music industry, Graham is a seasoned veteran. Having set up a studio in the early 80s with clients such as Ozzy Osborne, Cutting Crew, Siouxie and The Banshees, and Motörhead, Graham's journey then took him on the road as a touring musician, sound engineer, production manager and tour manager before settling into artist management where he guided the careers of multi-platinum duo

Moloko as well as the solo career of Roisin Murphy, earning numerous gold and platinum discs along the way. His extensive network and invaluable insights into the music business and career development have made him a cornerstone of the HPM team.

Phil is a second-generation bassist with an early start in his musical career having played over 200 shows by the time he left school. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having worked in a variety of roles from in demand live performance to MD and record producer, with a diverse array of artists including Keith Emerson, Kym Wilde, Tony Hadley, Rick Astley, Go West, Jimmy Somerville and ABC. His keen musicality and understanding of unique recording techniques bring immense value to HPM and the producers joining us.

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Graham Peacock, Phil Williams, Justin Swadling

Completing the trio is Justin, a world-class session musician and composer, with an equally impressive roster of collaborations including Candi Staton, The Temptations, Holly Johnson, and Nick Heyward. Alongside his extensive live experience Justin has a long history of arranging for brass and big band as well as having written for multiple film and television productions and brings this unique blend of talent and creativity to Hidden Production Music.

With unwavering commitment to their producers and writers, the founders recognise the all too common experience of silence and uncertainty that plagues many in the industry and have made it their mission to create an environment where every member of the team feels valued and heard. The collaborative spirit that permeates Hidden Production Music is palpable; whether you're a seasoned producer or a newcomer to the industry, there's a place for you in the HPM family.


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