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Television, Film, Online Media, Games & Advertising

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Unique Production Music

When you consider the collective experience of our company's directors, not to mention the huge network of producers and composers already contributing to our library, we are ideally placed to deliver the perfect audio for your production.

We have experience producing products for audio branding, soundalike tracks, movie, tv and gaming trailers, radio drops and movie soundtracks. These productions have ranged from remote studio productions to full orchestral tv and movie scores.

Click the below link to discuss your needs with our friendly and well informed teams of industry professionals.

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Worldwide licencing music from Hidden Production Music is handled through PRS and MCPS for Production Music.

Do you hold an IPC blanket licence?


With MCPS/PRS, you can use ANY music from our library under your existing license arrangements, just submit your cue sheets as normal.


Read about the latest news and success with our valued clients.

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“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”
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