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Music for Friends

The iconic theme tune for the TV show "Friends" was written by American composer Michael Skloff and the show's executive producer Kevin S. Bright. The theme tune is titled "I'll Be There for You" and is performed by the American pop-rock duo, The Rembrandts.

how the music for friends was composed
music for tv show friends

According to Skloff, the theme tune was created to reflect the show's upbeat and positive nature, as well as the strong friendship between the six main characters. Skloff and Bright initially worked on the lyrics and melody, and then brought in The Rembrandts to record the song.

The famous opening guitar riff of the theme tune was written by The Rembrandts' lead guitarist Danny Wilde, who came up with the melody while noodling on his guitar during a soundcheck. The lyrics were then added to the melody, with input from Skloff and Bright.

The theme tune became incredibly popular and remains one of the most recognizable and beloved TV show theme tunes of all time. It reached No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1995 and has been covered by numerous artists over the years.


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