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  • What is library production music?
    Production or library music is music that is specially produced to work with media, whether it be in a show, documentary, television ad, YouTube or social media clips and more. It's easy to synchronise to picture in terms of edit points and is also available without vocals featuring particular instrumentation and underscores. It is sometimes also known as stock music. It is easy to obtain a licence to use a production music tracks as most production music companies own all the rights needed for you to use their tracks anywhere in the world.
  • Is it free to sign up and use music from Hidden Production Music?
    Creating an account with Hidden Production Music is free, however you will need a license to use the music in your production. Please contact a member of our team to discuss specific pricing and to get a licence to use our music. Worldwide licencing music from Hidden Production Music is handled through PRS and MCPS for Production Music. Click to apply for a licence If you hold an IPC blanket license with MCPS/PRS, you can use ANY music from our library under your existing license arrangements, just submit your cue sheets as normal. Please get in touch if you are unsure how to obtain your licence and a member of our experienced team will be happy to guide you through the process.
  • How of I search the HPM catalogue?
    The best way to get started is to click "CATALOGUE" at the top of the page taking you to our bespoke music player, allowing you to type in keywords (e.g. mood, genre, instrument, programme type). This can be single words or any combination taking you to the perfect production music quickly and easily.
  • Do you have stems?
    Yes, please do contact our teams if you would like to access stems or to request a remix.
  • Is production music the same as royalty free music?
    There are many terms used that often create confusion. Royalty free music means that for the initial user, there is an up-front fee and then once purchased, that piece of music can be used as many times as needed forever. However, totally royalty free music doesn’t pay any royalties back to composers or artists. Production music does pay royalties to the composers and artists, usually via the local music society networks.
  • What is custom or bespoke music?
    Custom music or bespoke productions is specially commissioned to your brief for a specific use, whether it be a film, TV ad, audio branding, documentary and more.


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